This project was made as a part of PannaFoto Mentorship back in 2017. After observing many people with their specific profession around my place (Pamulang) I became interested to find another side of these people. I asked them to dress in their favorite clothes; the ones that make them feel very confident about themselves. Another appearance that would make people see them differently comparing to their professional stereotype,

I never knew these people even though I met them many times on the street. I was ignorant, just like everybody else in my neighborhood. After taking their pictures, spending time with them, and trying to figure out their personal taste; I learned that every human being is complex, comprised of so many layers. Yet sometimes, we simply judge them by their profession.

1. Bude, seorang penjual jamu gendong
2. Pak Dius, guru bahasa Inggris penggemar gaya rockabilly
3. Kak Yanda, seorang hairstylist
4. Pak Amos, pendeta gereja “The Rock”
5. Fajar, polisi “cepe” dalam busana favoritnya
6. Bang Agus, polisi “cepe” yang sudah dikenal banyak warga Pamulang :))
7. Mba Dian dan Ibu Dessy, keduanya merupakan Yakult Lady (ibu penjual yakult keliling)